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Webinars will take place via live video-conferencing facilities allowing audience participation from around the world. Each webinar will have invited panellists with useful and practical knowledge to share as the pandemic evolves.

We have invited practitioners and decision-makers who have worked in their respective health systems through the pandemic at various stages and can offer their insights on what has been learned. They offer important messages of advice to those still facing the crisis and those who are about to meet it. The webinar sessions will also incorporate questions from the wider community who have registered for the event. Webinars will be recorded and posted once completed for future reference.

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Last Webinar: Wednesday 29th July

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Recent pandemics including COVID-19 and Ebola have demonstrated the need for resilient health systems and global health preparedness. However, globally only one third of countries have the capacity to respond to a health emergency in line with International Health Regulations with low and middle income countries or countries affected by conflict disproportionately affected by poor preparedness. In this webinar, we will explore factors which affect global health security such as the impacts of climate change on pandemics and the potential interplay of pandemics with existing issues of public health concern such as antimicrobial resistance. This webinar is a joint event with Health Professionals for Global Health and The Royal Society for Tropical Medicine & Hygeine.

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