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Webinars will take place via live video-conferencing facilities allowing audience participation from around the world. Each webinar will have invited panellists with useful and practical knowledge to share as the pandemic evolves.

We have invited practitioners and decision-makers who have worked in their respective health systems through the pandemic at various stages and can offer their insights on what has been learned. They offer important messages of advice to those still facing the crisis and those who are about to meet it. The webinar sessions will also incorporate questions from the wider community who have registered for the event. Webinars will be recorded and posted once completed for future reference.

Aftershock: Digital Health after COVID-19, a Live Peer Review - Friday 2nd October

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The Hamlyn Centre Webinars

PPE (personal protective equipment) has gained press recently. But what is in a PPE? A PPE is a garment, a wearable. Clothing has been one of the earliest technology humans have invented. Although we now mostly see clothing as a social object rather than a technological object – except it is the other way round for PPEs and spacesuits. In a four-part series, we explore the different aspects of such technical garments with practicing experts. In relation to current affairs and ask, what is the desirable futures for such garments? With technology getting more intertwined with health and wellbeing, from robotic surgery to assistive wearables, the webinar series provides us far-reaching insights into the complexity of technologies for health and wellbeing.

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Our collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

After a short break over the summer, we are delighted to be collaborating with Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. We will deliver a series of virtual events over the coming months that will bring together senior clinicians, healthcare managers and policymakers from across the world.

We will present high quality education and research to those providing care to all surgical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and in its aftermath through highly innovative, data-driven and adaptable digital learning opportunities.

Our ultimate goal with these events, and the research and data they uncover, is to influence local and national health policy on critical surgical issues by engaging with thought leaders, policy makers and stakeholders.

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