The Hidden Strengths Podcast

Conversations about finding strength though adversity

Welcome to the Hidden Strengths Podcast, where we explore poignant stories from frontline NHS workers and key figures.

Created in recognition of the unparalleled challenges currently facing healthcare systems and their staff around the world from COVID-19, this month PanSurg has launched a series of conversations between NHS workers and key figures to share their experience of adversity and perseverance.

We focus on issues such as endurance, emotional challenges, cooperation and team collaboration, the series sees the first British citizen to go into space Helen Sharman, professional boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao and British journalist Frank Gardner in conversations with NHS workers talking through their own stories and experiences of adversity.

Looking to the future, the hope is that these stories will be provide an interesting and insightful platform for those listening, but also connect key workers across the globe through their human experience of the pandemic, regardless of their background.

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