Mixed-reality healthcare powered by the Microsoft HoloLens™


The COVID-19 pandemic presents unparalleled challenges for the delivery of safe and effective care at scale in the here and now across all health systems. Rapid innovation and the use of new and evolving technologies may present a range of flexible and adaptable solutions that can expand accessibility to care, reduce the risk of healthcare worker infection, alleviate physician burden, reduce protective equipment use, and support the delivery of education and training.

PanSurg REMOTE is working with the HoloLens™ from Microsoft to deploy a mixed-reality headset capability to aid in the response to COVID-19 across the full spectrum of care delivery and medical training. The aims of the project are:

  • to establish the safety, feasibility and efficacy of HoloLens™ in supporting the delivery of distributed clinical care during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • to develop and evaluate the use of HoloLens™ in the delivery of real-time and on-demand healthcare education, training and supervision during the COVID-19 pandemic

PanSurg REMOTE is leading the work with a number of NHS and Academic partners in the rapid delivery of this innovative technology.

Microsoft HoloLens™ Collaboration Introductory Video

Video Credits: Kyle Lam


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