REaltime DAta Synthesis and Analysis


The PanSurg collaborative urgently needs data curators to help with a critical project.

This highly innovative project is a collaboration between Imperial College London, Amazon Web Services, Cloudwick, MirrorWeb and the PanSurg Collaborative. It will create software tools that aim to dynamically assimilate the corpus of knowledge from traditional academic literature, websites and social media. In response to COVID-19 queries, REDASA will be able to perform automated data curation using machine learning from over 400,000 data sources and rapidly output focussed answers for clinicians, patients and policy makers.

This methodology requires volunteers with a background in medicine and reviewing scientific content, to support analysis and assessment of the data that will drive REDASA.

Data curation is run in "stints" and the top curator for each stint will win £100 in Amazon vouchers. This will be awarded at the end of each curation stint to the curator who has submitted the highest number of labelled documents (subject to meeting the expected curation quality).

If you would like to contribute to laying the foundation for the world’s first real-time systematic review tool and deliver a game-changing tool in the fight against COVID-19 please get in touch using the form above.

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