Impact of COVID-19 on Obesity Management Services in the United Kingdom (COMS-UK)


Many thanks to all our collaborators on this study. We are now closed to further recruitment and will be publishing our results soon.

COMS-UK is a nationwide cross-sectional questionnaire to comprehend the varying disruption of Bariatric multidisciplinary services by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COMS-UK is for all healthcare professionals who are involved in the care of bariatric patients (surgeons, dieticians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse specialists and physicians) and based in the United Kingdom. We aim to understand the diversified impact COVID-19 has had on bariatric units nationwide and consider expert opinions within each discipline.

If you are involved in the management of severe and complex obese patients, we would be tremendously grateful for your time to complete this brief questionnaire.

Results will be published online via the PanSurg platform.