About PanSurg

Who we are, what we do and who we work with

PanSurg is a direct response to the threat the COVID-19 pandemic poses to patients with surgical pathology and the people that look after them. We're a group of clinicians, surgeons and academics from the Department of Surgery and Cancer and the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London. We have a wide experience in delivering projects aimed at transforming health for all through evidence-based innovation.

But PanSurg is not about us. PanSurg may have started in the UK but it needs to be a global collaborative reach its potential.

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PanSurg Collaborative



Web Development

Data Analytics

Research Governance


  • Lead: Seema Yalamanchili
  • Alasdair Scott
  • Guy Martin
  • Roger van Schie
  • Rabiya Aseem
  • Liam Poynter
  • Ravi Aggarwal
  • Simon Dryden
  • Ola Markiewicz

Translational Science


  • Lead: Sheraz Markar
  • Guy Martin
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Jasmine Winter Beatty
  • Maxwell Flitton
  • Viknesh Sounderajah
  • Leigh Warren
  • Osama Moussa


  • Lead: Max Denning
  • Viknesh Sounderajah
  • Guy Martin
  • Ee Teng Goh
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Melanie Almonte
  • Swathikan Chadminbaran
  • Jan Przybylowicz

Data Synthesis

  • Lead: Sheraz Markar
  • Guy Martin
  • Jonathan Clarke
  • Viknesh Sounderajah
  • Sanjay Purkayastha
  • Swathikan Chidambaram
  • Simon Erridge
  • Uddhav Vaghela
  • Simon Rabinowicz
  • Paris Bratsos


Industry Partner

Industry Collaborators